Tuesday, February 9, 2010

jof's 25th bday surprise :)


its jof's bday today, Feb 9,2010. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE!
i planned a surprise bday dinner for him last feb 6, saturday. 
he was speechless, mission accomplished!

bday boy :)

laya entrance :)

busooooog!! :)

bday ice cream! :)

our 7-course meal that night :)

Amuse Bouche:
Grilled Oyster with
Spicy Basil & Mango Salsa

               Flakes of Chicken Adobo                      
on Whole Wheat Toast with quail egg

Prawn in bicol express sauce

Seared Salmon Belly in Sour Tamarind Broth

Cabbage Rolls in Cilantro Broth

 Grilled Chicken & Summer Fruits with Mixed Greens in Citrus Mango Vinaigrette

  Mangga Ensalada with Bagoong Dressing

Coconut Lime Granita (MY FAVE!! :)

Baked White Fish with Coconut and Herbs
in a Banana Leaf Parcel
with Saffron Cashew Rice Pilaf

Spiced Prawn Skewers

in Chili Coconut Cream Sauce
with Herbed Rice

Cashew Mango Kesong Puti and

Chocnut Banana Spring Rolls
with Creamy Chocnut Dip

Milk Chocolate Pannacotta
on Tablea Glaze with Caramelized Cashew Nuts

its all good!! :) Definitely one personal
dining experience! thanks irene and chef ricci!

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LAYA said...

Hi Miss Mia! :)

Stumbled upon your blog while looking for Laya photos we can borrow from guests! :p Haha!

Thanks so much for this! :)

I hope you don't mind if we share this on our Multiply & Facebook page? :)

-- irene