Friday, January 29, 2010

larawan of the day #3

larawan of the day #3

this is our baby Quchi. he's a shipoo! we got 
him last december and now he's sooo big na!! but still the cutest. :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

15th Philippine International Hotair Balloon Fiesta!!!

i love going to this event! the last time i went here was 
3 years ago (i think) haha! at ang naabutan lang namin eh yung 
night glow, pero super cool! i cant wait to go here on valentine's day! haha! :)

for ticket price and schedule visit

see you there! :) 

The 1st Philippine International Pyromusical Competition

The 1st Philippine International Pyromusical Competition

Select a date:

February 14, 2010

The 1st PIPC Opening Presentation
- Platinum Fireworks, Inc. (Philippines) 7:00 PM
- Howard & Sons Pyrotechnics (Australia) 8:00 PM

February 21, 2010

- Jubilee Fireworks, Ltd. (United Kingdom) 7:00 PM
- Liuyang Jinsheng Fireworks Co. Ltd. (China) 8:00 PM

February 28, 2010

- Brezac Artifices (France) 7:00 PM
- Tamaya Kitahara Fireworks Co. Ltd. (Japan) 8:00 PM

March 7, 2010

- Redhub Emtertainment (Singapore) 7:00 PM
- Pyro-Splendour Services SDN. BHD.(Malaysia) 8:00 PM

March 14, 2010

- Pyro Fire Displays (U.S.A.) 7:00 PM
- Platinum Fireworks, Inc. (EXHIBITION) 8:00 PM

this is going to be fun! i remembered when 
i was in disneyland HK, naiyak ako sa fireworks
kasi disney music yung nasa background! hehe :)
im such a cry baby.
let's go! 

for tickets click the link

larawan of the day #2

larawan of the day #2

had a great weekend in baloy long beach,subic with friends
took this while driving in SCTEX. looooong stretch!

larawan of the day #1

larawan of the day #1

took this photo when we were in huntington beach,california. 
i super love this place, i wanna live here. pwede? :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

03.quick stop sunday


for the past 2 or 3 weekends  pabalik balik akong tagaytay 
and i was wondering bakit super daming tao sa nuvali, 
ano bang meron??
so last sunday me with my sisters, 
cousin and pamangkins went there.

dumating kami mga 4:30pm, as usual ang dami parin tao.. 
meron starbucks, national bookstore,
conti's, yellowcab, etc. 
merong man made lake na pwede mong ikutin.
a boat ride is about P30/head. sobrang haba ng pila! 
pero we wanna try itcoz i know mageenjoy ang mga bata :) 
pero sabi sa ticket booth sarado na daw sila 
ubos na ticket 4pm palang. HUWOW! 
so we settled nalang for fish feeding haha 
a plastic of fish food is P10/bag ok nadin! 
at least nagenjoy ang mga kids, kids nga ba? haha! 

fish feeding area

the boat ride P30/head

sino mas nagenjoy? pamangkin ko o pinsan ko? haha!

 ang dameng fishda!!!      


the gang :)

ended the day with a dinner at shakeys, paseo.
the best shakeys ive ever been to.seryoso.


02.makansutra, at last!


after soooo many months of planning to try 
this place, we finally did! but this time wedidnt plan it (haha) 
it was date day (saturday) we had lunch at jof's cousin in cavite 
then watched sherlock holmes in mall of asia. 
after the movie, we cant decide where to eat dinner kaya 
ilang beses kaminagpaikot-ikot sa mall!!
then bigla naming naisip mag manila ocean park! 
8pm na un ha! kala naminclose na ang makansutra,so i 
checked the internet (thanks to my e63 and SM wifi!) 
til 9pm pa! so go kami! :))

founder of makansutra

the interiors

while waiting for our food
me and my date,jof :)

singapore chicken rice. one word =FAIL.

oyster omelette.
 i had this when i was in singapore and i didnt like it,i hate oysters!
so i ordered this for jof coz he wants to try daw.

roti prata. it was yummy :) WIN!

i was so disappointed coz we ordered chili crabs 
pero wala na raw crab!!! :(
for all 3 dishes plus drinks we paid 500 pesos (not bad i think).

the verdict = OK LANG. 

01.just a day trip


my bestfriend denise will leave for UK next month, so we decided to go out of town! umalis parin kami kahit halos lahat ng friends namin mukang busy coz its a weekday, but we still had so much fun! we went to Lago de oro, its in calatagan batangas just about 2.5-3 hours drive from manila. Den wanted to try wakeboarding so naisip ko dito nalang kami (but yeah, cwc is the best parin for me hehe)  

i didnt expect na maganda ang beach! wala kasi akong nakikitang pictures sa net eh..but it was sooo nice! we had lunch sa balsa. Balsa ride costs P1,000 for the whole day! kahit hanggang gabi :) then we gave our kuya/manong 600 pesos for our lunch! sila namalengke and nagluto! sarap kumain ng nasa gitna ka ng dagat!! :)

after lunch, my bestfriends den and tine tried wakeboarding. Hindi ako sumali coz its THE time of the month (hindi raw excuse to) and mapapagod ako lalo e magddrive pa ako pauwe :) 

after wakeboarding, we went back to our balsa para magswim until sunset. i love sunsets lalo na pag nasa beach ka! we left the resort ng mga 6pm. ended the trip with a dinner at mushroom burger,tagaytay! it was a fun day trip with my two bestfriends. :) 

for resort info visit

tine,den,mia with trooper :)

our lunch. 
tilapia,liempo,ensaladang mangga! yumm!

ang sarap magswim!!!

our balsa ride. went to some island :)

den & tine ready for wakeboard!!! :)

the cable park

buhbye calatagan i shall return!

peace out!